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6 Basic Stages of Project Management: An INFOGRAPHIC

CoLAB has put together an easy-to-understand, visual guide to the 6 basic stages of project management. Know a beginner project manager or someone who would like to know more about the project management process? Feel free to share it.

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Project Management Book: The Mindset for Creating Project Value

“To what degree does the mindset of a project manager affect the achievement of project value? Some project managers question the constraints of a project and, despite these constraints, achieve extraordinary results because they implement projects with a different mindset.”

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Project Risk, Explained

Jennifer Bridges, Director of ProjectManager.com, has a series of interesting videos for beginner project managers in which she explains some core project management principles.

In Project Risk, Explained looks at defining project risk more clearly, differentiating it from an issue, as well as some examples of the effects of project risk and how to identify risks in a project.

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Top 10 Project Management Books

We usually like to do our own reviews of project management books, but sometimes we find a good review from someone else that is worth sharing.

Project-management.com has a list of their top 10 best project management books, which gives a number of different options to the project manager depending on their style and preference.

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Book Review: Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling

Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling is a project management bible written by Dr. Harold Kerzner, one of the most respected experts on Project Management. Now in its 10th edition (2015) it offers an extremely comprehensive knowledge of project management.

There have been many mixed reviews and opinions about this book. Some people have felt it is too long, too intimidating and does not contain enough case studies. At a whopping 1200 pages, it is indeed long, but its length ensures that is offers an exhaustive, encyclopaedic type of coverage.

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