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Calculating ROI to Realise Project Value

Return on investment (ROI) is difficult to measure when it comes to project value. Ultimately, ROI is the driving force behind any project, but how do you measure its actual monetary value?

“Depending on the industry, there are multiple interpretations of ROI. For the purposes of this article, ROI is an indicator used to measure the financial gain/loss (or “value”) of a project in relation to it’s cost. Typically, it is used in determining whether a project will yield a positive payback and have value for the business.”

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What is business process management?

Business Process Management (BPM) forms a part of an organisation’s infrastructure management, focussed on improving workflow and making it more adaptable to change. The core goal of BPM is to ultimately reduce human error and improve efficiency of organisational processes, making it an effective methodology to use in times of crisis as well.

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Fuel Change in Your Projects

Jennifer Bridges of www.projectmanager.com has presented an interesting whiteboard session on how to fuel change in your projects.

The video How to Fuel Change on Your Project, Three Critical Elements to Generate Sparks and Hit the Nerve looks at inspiration for projects from the project management perspective, using Lady Gaga as an example (yes really!).

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When is a project really complete?

When can a Project Manager celebrate project completion? Most people will agree that it is when you have completed scope, time, cost and quality within the expectations of project stakeholders. But do we as project managers consider what is happening after project completion and after the product or service has been delivered to the business owner?

This raises a concern. Do we place too much weight on project outcomes and do these outcomes on their own deliver specific benefits? Studies have shown that over 70% of business improvement projects fail to deliver their expected benefits. For this reason we need to ensure that value is created and sustained and that benefits are realised even after a project has been completed.

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8 Powerful Ways to Manage Project Quality

The Project Management Hut outlines eight practical points for quality management in projects. They look specifically at software projects, but we think that many of these apply nicely to almost any project.

“For many project managers, quality seems to be an esoteric concept.”

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