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5 Simple tips for the unintentional project manager

It happens to a lot of people. They are good at their jobs and a manager comes along and appoints them to manage a new project. Just like that they have become an unintentional project manager and like so many, they feel ill-equipped to deal with this new role.

If you’ve found yourself in this position or if you’ve been an unintentional project manager for a while and still feel out of your depth, DON’T PANIC. We’ve got some really helpful tips to get you back on track with your future in project management.

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Choosing the Right Project Management Tools for Team Management

Technology has gone a long way to improving how we manage projects and simplifying communication in the project team. But with so many systems out there it’s hard to know which way to turn.

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Getting project requirements management right

Project requirements form an integral part of every project, and yet a large number of project failures are attributed to poor requirement identification and management. As a project progresses, ‘scope creep’ occurs largely because requirements and change are not being managed. Scope creep cuts away at the project budget and can ultimately result in failure.

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When is a project too complex?

Is there any such thing as a project that is too complex? Projects definitely vary in complexity, and obviously a more difficult project environment will result in a more complex project. But when the project complexity is resulting from risks or issues within your project, it could be time to take a step back and try to simplify the project to get it back on track.

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Improving Stakeholder Communications in a Project

CoLAB Project Management looks at the importance of effective stakeholder communication and how project managers can advance communications using best practices and technology.

All projects have stakeholders, even the very smallest initiatives. Stakeholder communication is a core competency of project management. Studies have shown that successful communication in a project is one of the most crucial factors for success. When properly executed, it connects every member of a project team to common strategies, goals and actions, and allows project managers to head off potential problems.

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