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Top 5 Tips for Project Management Success

There are many factors that influence the success of a project, among them the right combination of planning, monitoring and controlling. Getting the balance of the elements right to complete a project on time and within budget can be tricky, so we are looking at some best practice tips that will help you get there.

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Integrating ECPM Artifacts to Improve PRINCE2 Performance

Robert Wysocki has written an interesting series of articles on Projecttimes.com looking at both the ECPM and PRINCE2 Frameworks.

In this series of articles, he looks at integrating the two in order to improve PRINCE2 project management performance.

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Top 5 predictions for project management in 2016

A new year always brings new opportunities to look ahead, both in planning and predicting what the year will bring. In an article on cio.com, Brad Egeland outlines his top 5 predictions for project management in 2016.

“As a discipline, I see project management as being fairly static. Still, there are changes and movements happening.”

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Identity Circles – Helping your team to realise their full potential

As a leader, having the right team member in the right position is essential not only to the success of a business and every project we manage on behalf of a client but also the growth and confidence of an individual. However, building this well-positioned team can be a challenge – finding the right people […]

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Your Process Isn’t the Problem – It’s Your Communication

Projects sometimes run into problems. It is up to the project manager to identify where the issues are before it becomes a project in crisis, but often companies are turn to changing project tools and processes to failing projects without identifying that the problem is actually in poor communication.

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