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10 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers

Maybe you are a new project manager just starting out in the field, or a seasoned professional with many years’ experience under your belt. No matter where you are in the project management field, there are a number of must-have skills that every project manager needs.

Helen Sabell from Projecttimes.com looks at the top 10 and why these skills are essential for your project management career.

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5 Tips for Managing Expectations in a Project

One of a project manager’s biggest tasks is keeping a project on track in the face of constant requests for changes and additions. It is for this reason that managing the expectations of project stakeholders from the outset of the project and having a strategy in place to deal with scope creep are both crucially important.

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The Project Planning Checklist

Project planning is a crucial and often complicated first step in the project management processes. Having a checklist of discussion points to consider during planning can be useful to ensure that everything is considered. It is a great tool to use during brainstorming especially.

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4 Essential Soft Skills Every Project Manager Should Have

More and more the project management community is becoming aware of the value of soft skills. A good project manager is not only experienced and skilled but also has the capabilities to manage the people on the project and bring their team together toward a common goal.

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Six Technologies that Greatly Impact Project Management

How we do Project management has changed a lot in the past decade with new technologies emerging all the time. These tools and technologies are designed to simplify things and make project management more efficient, but it can be difficult to know what to use.

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