Category: Project Management 101

Leadership Lessons – Five Ways to Build a Box

Leadership is an important quality in a good project manager – it is the driving force behind a successful team. This article from, written by Peter de Jager, looks at what it means to “think outside the box” and how many of our “boxes” are actually self-imposed limitations.

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Five Time Management Tips for Project Managers

Successful project management hinges on good time management. Effective project managers avoid time-wasting exercises at all times and ensure that both their own time and the time of their resources is used productively.

Here are five useful tips to help you best utilise your time.

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5 Project Management Lessons from Great Business Leaders

The technology industry is particularly fast-paced and constantly evolving, and project managers can learn many valuable lessons from the successes and mistakes that have been made by the leaders in the field. looks at some of the giants in the technology business and the insights they provide into what it takes to thrive as a project manager.

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Whitepaper: Using the PMBOK® Guide to build a practical project management process

Utilising a stable project management standard such as the PMBOK® Guide can simplify the task of defining a practical and effective project management process. However, many new project managers find the application of these principals in the real world difficult.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Project Resources

A fundamental part of a project is the efficient and effective management of resources. Often managers see adding more resources as a quick solution to an issue, but managing existing resources more efficiently frequently yields a better outcome.

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