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SED Project Accountability: How to integrate accountability and transparency into the SED project cycle

In developing countries like South Africa, socioeconomic development projects have the potential to significantly improve the quality of people’s lives. In practice, however, the impact is often limited due to inefficiency, inequity, and insufficient accountability. Barend Cronjé, CEO of CoLAB, a leading project implementation consultancy, looks at improving the outcomes through integrating accountability into SED projects.

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Identity Circles – Helping your team to realise their full potential

As a leader, having the right team member in the right position is essential not only to the success of a business and every project we manage on behalf of a client but also the growth and confidence of an individual. However, building this well-positioned team can be a challenge – finding the right people […]

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Why project management and change management must work hand in hand

According to PMI PMBOK 4th edition, a project is “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”. Essentially, says Barend Cronje, CEO of CoLAB, this means that a project refers to the introduction of a new or changed capability into a working environment for improved benefit. “This means that project management […]

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Project Offices – The Corporate Rain Forests

A plea for a sustainable approach Barend Cronje, chief executive officer of CoLAB Project Implementation, likens the current state of project offices within organisations to the deforestation of the earth’s rainforests. “In the modern environment of project delivery, much has been researched and written about the case for project offices which, for ease of reference, […]

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Barend Cronjé is the CEO of CoLAB, a diverse project implementation consultancy offering maximum project success for every client.

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